Luxology LLC a mis à jour modo 401 avec l’arrivé d’un SP4 (version 34686). Si vous êtes intéressé par la liste complète des changements et correctifs (en anglais) voici la liste sauvegardé pour la posterité Fixed: Potential crash when creating tabbed viewports. Fixed: Potential crash when loading a corrupted file. Fixed: Issue with hit testing during vector displacement sculpting. Fixed: Transparency in COLLADA. Fixed: Loading meshes via skin controllers in COLLADA. Updated: SolidWorks file loader. Improved: The Software Developers Kit (SDK) will now build with TinyXML. Fixed: Minor Windows 7 bug. Fixed: Minor bug with COLLADA incremental naming where the string "Material" was being pre-pended unnecessarily. Fixed: Bug with F1 help system for an incorrect jump to the poly.sweep tool information. Improved: SP4 allows deformed meshes to be frozen without subdivision. Fixed: Custom vertex normals in COLLADA. Fixed: Key repeat on select.expand and select.contract. Fixed: Potential problem when loading FBX with animation and saving the file. Animation is now available on a reload operation without having to exit modo first. Fixed: Solar disc intensity with non-unity white point. Fixed: Potential infinite recursion in file scanning, perhaps fixing number a random crash on Mac OS X. Fixed: Race condition in thread shutdown, most likely fixing a random hanging condition on Windows.